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free nude abby brammell KWSU - IT'S AN AGE THING, Wed. April 27 @ 1pm
It's An Age Thing, a new 13-part television series that takes a comprehensive and common-sense approach to the challenges of aging, premiered June 1, 2003 nationally on public television stations (check local listings). Hosted by NPR's Susan Stamberg, each half-hour episode was taped on location and focuses on a particular life issue, from housing to retirement to driving.

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KTNW - SID THE SCIENCE KID, Wed. April 27 @ 11am

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"Sid the Science Kid" is a television series for children. To support science learning, Sid takes advantage of kids' instinctive quest to figure out the world as well as their growing sense of humor. The desire to understand underlies all scientific exploration, and preschoolers' questions often involve the same big ideas that scientists investigate. Kids who ask, "Why are the leaves falling off the trees? Why are my shoes too small? Where'd my snowman go?" – are wondering about transformation and change. Sid is ready to help them learn more.

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Fly Tying: The Angler's Art, instructs individuals in the art of tying fly patterns for fishing; addressing tying techniques, use of materials, and presentation of flies. The 30-minute programs also examine how and why patterns attract fish. Seasons 1-3 are hosted by Dr. David Engerbretson and LeRoy Hyatt. Seasons 4 & 5 are hosted by LeRoy Hyatt and Carolyn Sells.
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Plastic Fork Diaries is a PBS Kids site that helps teens explore their relationship to food: nutrition, athletic performance, cultural significance, and the vanishing family meal.

Visit the Plastic Fork Diaries website.
HyperLink The Teachers' Domain offers multi-media resources from PBS for the classroom or independent study.

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